Teleworking scheme launched for Gozitan workers who work in private sector in Malta

A new Gozo Teleworking Scheme has been launched for Gozitan workers who work in the private sector in Malta.

Gozo Minister Clint Camilleri said that this social measure is an incentive to create a better balance between work and family.

Minister Camilleri. said that, “over these last few weeks because of the pandemic, we encouraged employers to offer the option of telework to their staff as much as possible. Many of those who offered telework noted that while the work continued at a good pace, a lot of their expenses were also reduced. Therefore, in order to continue encouraging telework we have launched this scheme. ”

Minister Camilleri explained that the scheme will be offering incentives to employers to reduce their company expenses, while Gozitan employees will save time as they will not have to commute daily.

Those benefiting financially from this scheme will be companies based in Malta which offer their Gozitan based staff the facility of working from home. Every company will be given benefits for up to 10 employees per year.

The. fund will given financial incentives in two ways:

– Partial reimbursement of 75% at a maximum of €850 on expenses for technological equipment for each employee.

– Reimbursement of salaries up to a maximum of €10,000 over a period of three years, which will be offered on a pro-rata basis according to the amount of days per week which the employee is assigned telework.

Minister Camilleri said that they will be looking at the sustainability of this scheme in a sensitive way because those companies which offer telework long-term will have annual reimbursements as follows:

– For first year a maximum of €3,000

– For second year a maximum of €3,000

– For third year a maximum of €4,000

The reimbursements of salaries will be given  after the first year of telework, while the companies will be eligible for the partial reimbursement on technical equipment when the application is accepted by the Ministry according to the established guidelines, which will appear on the Gozo Ministry website in the next few days.

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