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Ten new cases of Covid-19 – six from St Venera feast

The Maltese health authorities have announced that another ten new cases of Covid-19 in Malta have been identified over the past 24 hours after 1,314 swab tests were held.

Six of these ten cases are linked to the feast of St Venera, and the rest are sporadic cases.

The authorities added that of the last ten persons resulting positive in the past hours, nearly all had not gone to work after experiencing symptoms.

During the past 24 hours, no one was registered as having recovered from the virus, which means that since March a total of 665 persons have recovered to date.

With effect from today, the health authorities started adding to the total number the identified cases of migrants rescued from Malta’s search and rescue zone.

As a result, the total number of positive cases of coronavirus registered in Malta since March is now 824, of which 150 are still active.

85 of these active cases are of migrants brought to Malta in two different groups earlier this week.



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