Ten storey project in Naxxar sent back to the drawing board

Following a 4-hour meeting in connection with an application for the construction of a ten-storey building in the car park of the former Trade Fair ground in Naxxar, the Planning Authority Board sent the design back to the drawing board.

Board Chairman, Architect Vince Cassar said the new designs should take into account the discussions held by the Board. Project Architect Christian Spiteri said he would amend the plans, inter alia to reduce the height of the project.

During the meeting, project applicant Jean Borg said that if the permit was not approved, the area would be developed according to policy, with four-storey buildings and a penthouse. He said they would look like social apartment blocks.

Naxxar Mayor Anne Marie Muscat Fenech Adami said that the Local Council would continue to demand that the projects carried out in the area be carried out in accordance with the planning policies to respect this area in Naxxar.