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Tender issued for excavation work of aquatic centre in Gozo

The aquatic centre at the sport complex in Rabat, Gozo, is again on the agenda of the Gozo Ministry after agreement on its implementation was still not finalized with the private sector, despite a memorandum of understanding signed two years ago.

The first step for the implementation of the project was made in recent days with a call for tenders to start excavation works on site, with the Gozo Ministry’s target that by 2020 Gozitans will have an aquatic centre for sport activities and therapy facilities in the health sector.

The agreement in principle signed between the Government and the private sector towards the end of 2016 with a private company to manage the pool project in Gozo did not lead to a final agreement. Gozo Minister, Justyne Caruana, stated that therefore the first tender for the project was published by the Government.

“There were negotiations, however the result did not reflect what the Government wished. We have now moved to another phase where the Government will start this project for its implementation”, the Minister said.

Dr Caruana added that the Government is resolved to implement the electoral pledge so that Gozo will have facilities which, among others, serve as training for aquatic sports and for therapeutic aims.

“The need for a pool has been felt for years and the principal aim is to address aquatic sport needs and also for educational purposes and even therapy. So it will not only serve the sport community and sport tourism but also in the health and inclusion context, and the social aspect”.

The Minister added that the public tender for the excavation of the site will close in less than a month so that work will start immediately. Funds for the first phase of the project are earmarked in this year’s budget. She said that the project will be implemented by the Government with the aim that its management and running will be handed over to the private sector.

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