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Tension escalates between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un

The tension between American President Donald Trump and the North Korean Leader Fuq Kim Jong-un continues to escalate .

After the Chinese authorities gave their instructions to their banks not to continue trading with North Korea,  Donald Trump signed a new executive order to strenghten the sanctions against North Korea because of its nuclear programme.  The order was aimed at the companies and financial institutions which plan to go into business with North Korea.

This measure came into effect less than two weeks after the UN Security Council approved sanctions against North Korea. Despite this measure, North Korea still continued with its nuclear missile testing towards Japan.

On his part, North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un said that the speeches being made by US President Trump are convincing him that he is right and that he was doing the right thing to continue producing arms for his country.

On state media, Kin Jong-un described Trump as crazy and said that he would be paying a steep price for the speech he made at the UN.

Lasts Tuesday, while he was addressing the 72nd UN General Assembly in New York, Trump referred to Kim Jong-Un as a rocket man who is on a suicidal missiion and said that if America is forced to defend itself, it would completely destroy North Korea.

Over the last few days, the US has responded to every nuclear test carried out by North Korea by imposing more sanctions, which have continued to become harsher. On his part Kim Jong-un has threatened to shoot a missile towards Guam, which is the territory of the US.

Meanwhile, North Korea’s Foreign Affairs Minister Ri Yong-ho described Donald Trump’s speech as the barking of a dog and threatened that Phongyang would be ready to test a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific, which he described as being the largest one that has ever been tested.


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