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“We want our own garage to repair vehicles”

At the MCAST garages, Roberta Camilleri can be found under a vehicle navigating its mechanics. Her dream is to own her repair garage to begin repairing and servicing vehicles.

She said this has always been her dream and that is what slowly but surely she is aiming at.

Valentina Gulino inherited her love for vehicles from her uncle. Although vehicle mechanics are associated with being a male occupation, her dream is also to become a mechanic.

Her belief is that all are equal and all should have the opportunity to experience the job and trade they desire.

Mario Aquilina, who has been a lifelong teacher at MCAST, is highly impressed at the interest that females are taking in these courses.

He said there are a number and all perform well and they will have a good future in the vehicle industry.

The males in the course stated it is like being in seventh heaven when they roll up their sleeves and start working on a vehicle.

Student Miguel Vella said he prefers being in the garage working rather than sitting in a class and writing. This has always been his line of work, his career because since he was a child he has always wanted to become a mechanic.

Luigi Consuelo Farrugia, another student, said that practical experience is highly important and much preferable to sitting down and hearing lectures.

For teacher Aquilina although theory is irreplaceable, practical work keep students focused.

He said technology has advanced rapidly and this has to be emphasised to students and that is what MCAST does.

Josmar Mifsud, yet another student said they learn to change brake pads, change oil and filters as well as dealing with brake issues at the back of vehicles, known as drum brakes.

Student Paul Camilleri, student said he had just replaced a tyre and they will now remove a calliper to change brake pads and disc pads.

With the date set when fuel-driven vehicles will no longer be imported toward the middle of next year, MCAST has put together a team to fashion special courses in the repair of electric-driven vehicles.

Stephen Sammut, the Director of the Institute of Engineering and Transport, said there is already apparatus in place but more will have to be brought in to be able appropriately service the industry.

At MCAST more than 100 students are following courses in car mechanics.

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