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Children writing in the sand and building sand castles

Throughout summer Malta’s bays and rock coastlines are filled with families and their children together enjoying the sea and all it offers.

Aware of the relaxing atmosphere in such situations the National Literacy Agency has initiated an activity to encourage children under eight years old and their parents to embrace a love for the written word.

In St George’s Bay at Birżebbuġa many children were seen that rather than swimming and frolicking in general were occupied in writing different words in the sand, listening to short stories and building sand castles.

The initiative, known as “A Feast of Writing” is aimed at children between the ages of five and eight who accompanied by their parents are encouraged to develop their creativity for writing related to the summer months and the sea.

Erika Borg Medati, who directs the programme, said the activity aims to promote writing and literacy and helps parents have greater awareness in encouraging their children to have a love for writing and reading.

She said the Agency’s role is to promote a writing strategy and through this parents together with their children may at home increase their literacy for now and for the future.

A further aim is that writing serves as a positive experience and relates to everyday life and encourages parents to participate in an educational manner with their children in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

The activity is organised on a monthly basis in different localities and is free of charge.

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