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Visually impaired children provided with equipment to help their educational needs

The President’s Foundation Trust has continued distributing equipment to children with visual difficulties to help them in their educational progress.

In all the Foundation has distributed a value of €150,000 of informatics equipment to 65 children.

Of these, 25 children benefitted from educational equipment and joined 40 other children who had already received equipment according to their individual needs last December.

Among the beneficiaries was Samwel Farrugia who although blind last year published his first book. He was given a laptop that has a program reads to him all that he is supposed to see.

Samwel said “I can surf the web, write and read certain documents with this. Now what basically a screen reader is for those of you who may not know, is a program you install on a plain average laptop, it doesn’t have any Braille, it’s a program which when you power on the lap top, and you start using it speaks everything that you need to see. For instance if I go and open a word document, it’s going to tell me a blank document opened and when I press certain keys it’s going to read out what I typed.”

Students younger than Samwel also benefitted from this investment project.

The project was generated by a national reading marathon that took place in Primary Schools with the collaboration of the National Agency for Literacy through which students made a donation for every book read.

President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca said the President’s Trust is a private Foundation that with support invests in society. She said this initiative took place after consultations with the Department for Education and agencies that focus on technology for persons with various disabilities.

The Foundation also consulted with the NGO Advise as well as with parents for children to be enabled to focus on their educational needs. Financial support was provided by a number of different companies.

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