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Young mother embraces baby son Cristiano – father of child also located

There is a good chance that the baby which was abandoned shortly after it was born on Friday will be reunited with his mother after the 22-year-old woman was identified and she confirmed that the child was hers, as she embraced him at the hospital. Sources close to the investigations told  TVM that before this can take place, however, there is a whole process involved to ensure the best interest of the baby. In fact, Aġenżija Appoġġ will continue with the proceedings so that this baby and the other one-year-old baby which this same mother has, can be placed under a temporary care order.

Early yesterday afternoon, the police announced that they were speaking to a woman at the Qawra police station after Inspector Godwin Scerri went to the young woman’s residence that morning, where she was examined by forensic expert, Dr Mario Scerri. She was later taken to the hospital at the Disneyland ward to see her son.

The police managed to identify the woman thanks to the help of Aġenzija Appoġġ. The Chief Executive of the Foundation for the Protection of Social Services,  Alfred Grixti told TVM that the agency was monitoring the young woman since she uses their services because of her other one-year-old child, and that was she being given support by the agency.

TVM is informed that the young woman’s boyfriend has also been found and is expected to undergo DNA testing to confirm that he is fact, the child’s father.  Magistrate Joe Mifsud who is leading the inquiry on this case, was informed of these developments and is ensuring that the woman is given all the help she needs.

Over the last two days since the abandoned baby was found, tens of people have donated clothing and other baby items to the Qawra police station. On Facebook, Sgt Glen Carabott, who was the first to find the baby, thanked the Maltese people for their generosity on behalf of his superiors.

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