“You saved me today, Lord…I had just passed by from there. I could have ended up in hospital or dead”

“You saved me today Lord, and I am completely numb with the shock. I had just passed by the car bomb. I could have ended up in hospital or dead…”

IMG-20170220-WA0005This was the comment which a woman posted this morning on Facebook, who was passing by in Msida at the exact time that the car bomb exploded. Luckily, she did not sustain any injuries except for suffering from a terrible shock.  Mona Borg wrote that had just passed by when the car exploded at around 11.40am in Marina Road, leaving Romeo Bone, 40, from Floriana, grievously injured.

Mrs Borg said that it if were not for the grace of God she would have ended up in the hospital, or worse. She said that, luckily, her daughter was not with her, and added that the people planting these bombs are not thinking of the consequences they could leave on innocent people.

IMG-20170220-WA0007In a similar comment, Kenneth Portell said that his father was passing by minding his own business and was crossing from the traffic lights when the bomb exploded. He said that his father and other people were almost the victims of this explosion.

Six people were injured as a result of the bomb, including Bone who lost both his legs when his car exploded. The other people who were injured were people who happened to be passing by on foot or in their vehicles next to the car at the time of the explosion.