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Thank you Reno Bugeja: Retires after 44-year TVM news career

Veteran journalist Reno Bugeja is retiring from work at the national station following a career spanning 44 years. Mr Bugeja has led TVM’s newsroom for the past seven years and was also the station’s editor.

Earlier on Friday, Reno thanked journalists, workers and technicians for their cooperation during his 44 years as an employee with the national station, particularly during the past seven years as Head of the News Section and editor of the national station.

He also thanked televiewers who, with loyalty and consistency, followed the news during his term and reached a record audience of almost 200,000 televiewers, according to a recent Broadcasting Authority survey.

During his career, Reno Bugeja produced and presented a number of programs and documentaries on radio and television which earned him some 15 Broadcasting Authority and Institute of Maltese Journalists awards.

He always worked at the radio and television newsroom and was involved in the reporting of many historic events over the past 40 years and other international events.

His name will remain synonymous with the production of TV series “Ġganti tas-Seklu” on biographies of Maltese well-known 19th Century personalities; programs dealing with economic issues especially the annual Budget speech; and during the past eleven years his current affairs program DISSETT which discussed some of the hottest prevailing issues in the country with questions that were followed by further debates, actions and controversy.