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“That money is cursed and I curse it myself!” – Archbishop’s hard words on usury

Concluding today’s Mass Homily, Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna used hard words to speak against those who recur to lending money with usury.

The Archbishop said that although to lend is an act of mercy, however when a person requests €100 for every €100 he lends, this is theft and a sin.

He stated that there are persons who are taking loans to make ends meet till the end of the month and are being requested gold, not only as a pledge but as a payment. Mgr Scicluna added that there are persons who are borrowing money because the business is not going well or because of gaming addiction, and there are those who commit suicide because they cannot pay their debts.

He stressed that when a person lends money, he cannot request more than 8% allowed by Maltese law, however he said that there are persons who are requesting 20% and even 30% interest.

The Archbishop said those who are leading people to precipice have to answer to God. “That money is cursed and I curse it myself!”, the Archbishop stressed.