The aim of the law of rent reform is justice for all parties – Minister Galdes

During the first meeting with sector partners since the revision of the revised rent law, aimed at addressing pre-1995 leases, Minister Roderick Galdes met with the Chamber of Architects. The Minister said that the Government did not want the property valuation process to be carried out by the Authority but by a body which was independent of both parties. He said the aim of rent law reform was justice for all parties – i.e. to take what was their due.

Chamber of Architects President Andre Pizzuto said they needed to understand in detail the changes that have come into effect on rent law to be able to guide architects on the practices that will be adopted. Architect Pizzuto said that technical meetings needed to be held to discuss, among other things, how the assessment will be carried out. He said they wanted to give technical knowledge to the legislator.