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The aims of sustainable development – children have a lot to teach us

The word “sustainability” is often used in various sectors and circumstances.  Because of this, it is easy to lose the sense and importance of this word. However, in today’s times, sustainability is always being mentioned hand in hand with development and progress.

This has led to the mentality of “use and discard” – a mentality which has left a considerably negative impact on the environment we live in. One only needs to look at the excessive use of single-use plastic, which if not recycled remains around for hundreds of years without disintegrating.

If we are not aware that on the land, in the air and in the sea we are invaded by microscopic plastic particles, we will not fail to pay attention to the negative effects on our health and the environment around us.

What are the aims of sustainable development?

The countries which are members of the UN have agreed on 17 aims which need to be reached by 2030 so that global development can be achieved in a holistic way and with respect towards every sector.  Both Malta and the EU are committed to working to reach these aims as much as possible. The EU coordinates the implementation of Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development which addresses the use and efficient management of resources, exploits the ecological and innovative potential of the economy and ultimately ensures the prosperity, and protection of the environment and social cohesion.

In concrete terms, the countries are expected to work to address challenges such as poverty, education, environment and climate change, energy, health, employment, gender equality and other issues.

Younger generations have a lot to teach us 

Over the summer months, MEUSAC which leads one of the three European Centres of Information Europe Direct in Malta, is organising interactive games for children who attend Skolasajf so that they can better understand these aims and how they can adopt practical sustainable measures in their daily lives.

As adults we have a lot to learn from the way children understand the importance of civic responsibility and we need to follow their example to be like them and encourage them not to just think of themselves, but also about those around them and future generations.

The activities at Skolasajf by MEUSAC are being held with the support of the Representation of the European Commission Malta and the Foundation for Educational Services which manages Skolasajf in Malta and Gozo.

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