The alleged brains behind the police overtime scandal in Court on charges of fraud and money-laundering

The Police investigations into the alleged irregularities at the Police traffic division which started in February appear to have taken a new development, with at least three officers expected to be arraigned in Court.   They are the alleged brains behind the extra duties scheme and are being accused of fraud and money laundering. Seven officers have resigned from the Force as they began to be investigated while 34 officers from the traffic decision were out on police bail which has now elapsed and are waiting to learn what action will be taken against them.

Sources speaking to TVM explained that the Police investigations about the alleged irregularities have almost been concluded.

At least three people who are being considered to be the brains behind the scheme are expected to be arraigned, charged with fraud, and probably also with money laundering because of suspicion that some of them were laundering the money which they allegedly received through this fraudulent scheme, by buying luxurious goods such as cars.

At the beginning of the investigation earlier this year, the Police Corps accepted the resignation of seven officers including a Superintendent, three Sergeants and a Major. According to the law, those who are arraigned may still  undergo separate legal proceedings in front of the Public Service Commission.

Last week, the Police told TVM that 34 members of the traffic division were out on police bail and that the investigations are ongoing. as well as magisterial inquiry. The time period for the police bail has now elapsed.

Sources have explained that this year, changes are expected in the Police force. Apart from the appointment of a new Police Commissioner,  a group of new recruits will enter the force and many divisions will be strengthened including the Economic Crimes Unit which from the headquarters will now move to a new building in Imrieħel.