The Auditor General says it is not his staff which is leaking selective information to the media

The National Audit Office (NAO) has deplored the fact that excerpts from drafts of investigations which are still being discussed by interested parties are being leaked to the media by people who, the Auditor General claims, have no connection with his office.

The information about one of the investigations being carried out by this office was published this morning by The Times. This is the second time within the last two weeks that selective information from this office was leaked.

In its statement the NAO said that, as established by international audit standards, it has a commitment to the interested parties involved that, in the spirit of trust and transparency, it keeps them informed about everything which is taking place as it is carrying out its work.

Therefore the NAO said it was very disappointing that those with their own particular agenda and with the intention of obstructing and disrupting the work of this office, are spreading information in a very irresponsible manner before it is even officially published.