“The Blessing” – song that spread hope during pandemic months now in Maltese

A song that is going around the world and is being translated into different languages expresses a message of hope during the months affected by the pandemic. THE BLESSING is now also in Maltese. The words are taken from The Book of Numerals in the Biblical Old Testament.

Last March when the world began experiencing Covid-19 the song was launched in the United States and in recent months spread worldwide and has now been translated into Maltese. About 40 persons, half of them Roman Catholics and the others not combined their voices to provide a song of hope for all.

When they heard ‘The Blessing’ and the phenomenal effect it had worldwide it was said why should we not do the same in Malta? Churches came together to sing a song of praise to God together. Thus a historical feat was accomplished and Christians of different denominations and with different beliefs came together a compiled a disc to praise Jesus Christ together.

Matthew Grech said a good number of youths participated and came together to express their faith. He said it is a beautiful blessing that Maltese families experience the presence of God among them.

Joe Aquilina, who translated the song explained these are taken from the Bible.

He said the poetry and lyrics in this song are not written by poets but are based on the Blessed Bible, from the Book of Numerals that was written in about 500 BC and it is therefore with a sense of marvel that one takes words that were written 500 years before the birth of Jesus Christ and have been regenerated in a fresh and new manner.

Aquilina said that the fact that singers from different religions combined is a positive ecumenical step because in these times of difficulties, blessings should reach everybody. He said the song “The Malta Blessing” has already had 15,000 hits.