Current Affairs
The budget has allocated €30 million for security

Home Affairs and National Security Minister Byron Camilleri stated that security was one of the three main pillars on which this year’s budget was drawn up.

Dr Camilleri added that 30 million euro has been allocated in this year’s budget for the security sector, in comparison to the five million euro allocated during a Nationalist administration.

The Minister further stated that staff in the Civil Protection Department will be kitted out with new protective outfits, and will no longer continue using second-hand outfits. The Minister referred to development in the Department’s existing stations and on new ones.

Referring to the Armed Forces, the Minister stated that a new operations centre is planned for Ħal Luqa. On investment in the Corradino Correctional Facility, the Minister mentioned the purchase of better vehicles, more robust security cameras, and the introduction of practices in use in modern prisons.

Dr Camilleri added that work will be carried out next year on the implementation of a strategy for transformation of the Police Corps, and the vehicles used by the RIU will be replaced.

Parliamentary Secretary Alex Muscat stated that the citizenship investment programme, which he added is making a positive difference and has resulted in projects costing many millions, like social housing and improvements in health centres and clinics, has to be strengthened. The Parliamentary Secretary added that this programme had brought in over 1,500 million euro, which have contributed to funds which the Government is resorting to in the challenging situation brought about by the pandemic.