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The government has vilified Malta which hitherto enjoyed a good reputation -PN Leader

Nationalist Party Leader Adrian Delia said that in just a few years, the Government had managed to denounce the good name that Malta had always enjoyed under Nationalist administrations.

During a political activity in Mosta, Dr Delia said that just days before the election, the Council of Europe had requested a national inquiry because of the Government’s transgressions – a government that clearly did not care about its bad performance and carried on regardless. The PN leader said that the Prime Minister, who admitted to having too much power, was using this power to hijack and further undermine institutions while eroding the main pillars that ensure a western democracy. He went on to say that the Council of Europe had pointed out that goings on in Malta were not normal and that this was placing the integrity of European Union institutions at risk. He said that when the Council of Europe speaks, the whole world listens, including investors who could choose to invest abroad in lieu of Malta. He went on to say that while action was being taken against the whole country and not against individuals, the Prime Minister had chosen to defend Minister Konrad Mizzi and his Chief of Staff Keith Schembri instead of defending Maltese and Gozitans.

He said that in the coming years, the Maltese would start to suffer the consequences of the Government’s conduct. Dr. Delia insisted that he was not saying this to instil fear or negativity but because he was simply telling it as it is.

The Opposition Leader said that his job on the opposition benches was not just to be a watchdog but also to come up with proposals. He said that in contrast to the Labour Party who had sold off Malta’s state hospitals, the PN had come come up with 30 proposals for those battling cancer, 20 for those with diabetes and 15 proposals for dyslexia.

On the subject of sport, Delia said that in a panic, the government had yesterday announced that it would be making an investment of several million Euro in this area piggybacking on more than 30 proposals made by the PN in this regard. He also noted that the PN had not been invited to attend this investment announcement.

The PN Leader said that now that Dr Muscat wanted to leave he no longer wanted Malta to decide on matters of taxation. This would cause the Maltese to lose out on serious Maltese investments and employment.

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