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PN says Government is breaking the law – Government reaction

In its reaction to what was stated by the Nationalist Party, the Government noted that the Opposition does not know the facts about the case. It said that the two chairpersons appointed to the MGA and MCA boards are in fact two chief executives of the same authorities. Therefore, the Government said,  it is obvious that they have been appointed on a temporary basis.

It was stated that this is even written down in the legal notice.

In its statement, the Government quoted the Public Administration Act law where it was stated that if the role of chairperson is temporary for a period of less than six months, than the person does not have to appear in front of the parliamentary committee.


Recent appointments to the Board of the Communications Authority and the Gaming Authority that appeared in the Government Gazette of the 5 November have been declared unacceptable by the PN who asked that responsibility be shouldered.

The PN said it was thanks to the work it performed during the last year that these two particular positions could be appointed only after candidates appeared before a committee of parliamentary scrutiny, and their appointment needed to be approved by the same committee .

In a statement, Clyde Puli, Carm Mifsud Bonnici, and Hermann Schiavone, called this political behaviour arrogant and illegal – one which was hurried to try to resolve a situation that has been brewing since last October. According to the statement, this was “incorrect behaviour which shows that the government failed to comply with its own laws”.

In conclusion the PN statement said that it would be voting against these candidates.

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