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The impact of Covid-19 on the human brain

Strokes, delirium, anxiety, confusion, fatigue, and the list continues. Covid-19 is not just a respiratory illness! With every week that passes, it is becoming clearer that coronavirus can lead to neurological problems.

The majority of persons who suffered from Covid-19 in a mild form in the UK have complained about the cognitive impact of the illness, with memory problems, fatigue and difficulty in focusing. There were, however, other problems which are much more worrying for doctors.

A study carried out by The Lancet Psychiatry has found complications in 125 patients who became seriously ill with Covid-19 and who were treated in hospitals in the UK. Nearly half of these suffered strokes because of blood clots, with others suffering inflammation of the brain, psychosis or symptoms similar to dementia.

Doctors observed that strokes in patients with Covid-19 were the results of a blood clot which frequently cut off the blood supply to vital areas of the brain.

They noted that during the lockdown period there was a drop in the number of emergencies because of strokes. Within a short time, however, neurologists in the UK started treating patients with coronavirus who suffered from serious strokes. They stated that these attacks were not linked to the usual factors like high blood pressure or diabetes, and they noted high levels of blood clots in each case.


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