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The largest luxurious super yacht registered in Malta is 100 metres long

A luxurious superyacht has begun flying the Maltese flag. The yacht, Dream which belongs to a Greek billionaire, is in the Grand Harbour after it was formally registered anther the Maltese maritime flag. Dream, which is more than 100 metres long, is the largest yacht among the 750 which are registered in Malta.

This yacht has been the lifelong dream of George Procopiou, the Greek billionaire who manages a merchant shipping company, which operates around 90 ships. The yacht includes 22 bedrooms, five living rooms, three dining rooms, two bars as well as a spa and gym. There are 28 crew members working on board.

The frescoes in the Grecian style which form part of the decor give the impression of a palace on the sea in an rich, classical environment. The marble floors are also a unique feature of this yacht.

The yacht’s owner, Mr Procopiou told TVM that after spending his career in the maritime industry, he decided to stop dreaming and dedicate a yacht for himself.

Dream, the name gives the definition, it was a dream that I had since I was seven years old. So to build a boat and visit the world.”

Mr Procopiou said that the yacht took eight years to build and explained that despite the fact that he comes from a country with a rich maritime history, he decided to register his boat under a Maltese flag.

“Malta was very early wise enough to make laws friendly to ship owners and to the flag and it made a flag that is respected internationally, because this is important, flags are many, but what is important is for the flag to be respected, and it comes to this level when it is recognized and approved by all fora and follows all the international regulations” said George Procopiou .

Mr John Gauci Maistre, who is the maritime consultant for Mr Procopiou said that the yacht Dream marks an important phase for Malta.

Mr Gauci Maistre said that, “when you have a yacht of a certain calibre and owned by a certain owner, automatically the standard of the flag is raised among influential people, and the more of these type of owners we have, the more others are attracted to come to register their yachts in Malta.”

Transport Minister Ian Borg said that in the first six months of this year, the Maltese register saw an increase of  7% in yachts which fly the Maltese flag. Dr Borg said that there are 736 yachts registered in Malta and this has created an industry which provides services to them. Minister Borg added the the Maltese maritime flag has the largest number of registered ships in Europe and is the sixth largest in the world.

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