The link between Hamrun and chocolate – what used to happen in the area of ‘tas-Samra’?

If it were not for Covid, the chocolate festival would have been held in Hamrun last weekend, but like many other activities this had to be cancelled. However, we still spoke to a pastry chef about the art of working with chocolate.

Pastry chef Tiziano Cassar took part in the festival for the first time last year when he presented ‘the God of the Sea’ in a life-size model.

The link which Hamrun has with chocolate comes from the fact that in the area known as ‘tas-Samra’, there was a warehouse where in the time of the Knights they used to store cocoa beans which they used for chocolate.

Tiziano told Television Malta that he has learnt a lot from the Hamrun festival as he works with chocolate according to the conditions of the climate and temperature. “There is an element of sculpture which comes into it, more dedication, more refinement.”

He told us that there are four types of chocolate. “We have white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate and pink chocolate which is ruby. We discovered this recently, it is a wonderful chocolate with a nice taste; it is original and natural.”

Despite the fact that the pandemic has spoilt the chocolate festival, last March Tiziano managed to take part in a competition with a model made out of chocolate and he classified in second place. He had used dark chocolate and had worked on it for a month and a half.