The majority tend to obey, but the law has to be applied where necessary

Public Health Superintendent Professor Charmaine Gauci had declared that the number of cases which have tested positive for Covid-19 in Malta is on the low side as a result of cooperation by everyone.

Professor Gauci added that whenever there is good news, many are quick to think the worst is over, but the majority of the Maltese are following the measures recommended by the health authorities.

The Superintendent further stated it is unfortunate that in certain instances, some persons end up being fined. Professor Gauci was replying to questions from the media regarding yesterday’s record number of fines applied against persons who were in groups of more than three units.

Professor Gauci stressed it was no fun for the authorities to issue fines; however, the country cannot afford a situation where certain persons place others at risk, and the law is accordingly applied when the need arises.

The Superintendent added that the country has achieved good results because controls are in place, further stating that even when certain measures start being relaxed, it is important for the public to continue following the instructions issued by the authorities.

Professor Gauci concluded that after all the efforts made to control the situation, no one would wish to see the country going back to tough measures just because the numbers start going up again.

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