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The Maltese now think like the Swedes, Dutch and Belgians – Lawrence Zammit

96% of the Maltese interviewed as part of a Eurobarometer survey say that in a general way, they are satisfied with the life they are living, this figure being 13% higher that the European Union average.

In a presentation on the survey which was carried out in November among 502 respondents living in Malta, MISCO International Director Lawrence Zammit, the author of the report on Malta, said the results probably reflect the sentiment and positivity of the Maltese economy, which is creating a feel good factor.

The survey shows that 95% of the Maltese say the economic situation in Malta is good or very good, the highest in the EU, whilst 87% of those interviewed responded that the current situation in Malta is good or very good, with the average among other EU citizens regarding their views on the situation being 50%. Regarding the public service, 82% of the Maltese interviewed described it as good.

The increase in prices in the personal issue which most affects them, whilst as a country, the most important issue is immigration, which was mentioned by 50% of Maltese respondents. In the words of Lawrence Zammit, this is probably motivated by events in Italy.

The second most mentioned issue is that of accommodation, which was brought up by 29% of the Maltese. Peace and respect for human life are the two most important values for the Maltese.

Mr Zammit said he again noted in this year’s survey that the opinions expressed by the Maltese are closer to those of northern Europe, like Sweden, Holland and Belgium, than to countries in the south. Mr Zammit added that this is probably also related to the positivity of the Maltese economy.

Regarding confidence in the media and institutions, the Maltese have more confidence in television (53%) than in newspapers (32%), the internet (39%) or radio (47%).

Confidence in the government stands at 63%, compared to the average figure for confidence in national Governments in the EU, which stands at 35%. Confidence in political parties in Malta stands at 35%, double the average in the EU, whilst confidence in justice and the legal system stands at 49%, compared to 51% in the EU.

Confidence in the Police stands at 68%, four percentage points lower than in the EU.


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