The more pizza you eat, the more you want

Dough baked with aromatic pasta sauce, mozzarella with a smidgen of salt and a variety of herbs. This is one of the simplest foods, to which one can add as many ingredients as one wants to.

Everyone loves pizza, a dish which seems to satisfy one and all. The more one has, the more one wants. Recent studies have in fact classed pizza as habit-forming.

The marvelous thing about it is that one can go for any type of pizza with every kind of ingredient, and even if the pizza is not baked properly, one always seems to feel better after a pizza meal.

Editors of a pizza magazine are of the opinion that one always ends up wanting to eat more of this bread and cheese combination, even more so when one combines them with other favourite ingredients.

An experienced scientist who has worked closely with a number of pizza companies also believes that any pizza is eaten and leaves one hungry for more, and simply wanting more pizza.

It resulted from a recent study that the mix of pizza ingredients, although a major source of processed foods, fats, carbohydrates and salt, serves to stimulate the brain in a way which makes it lose control and wanting more of this type of food.

For many, the thought of pizza means they are going to meet up with friends and family for a gathering or to watch some football. Pizza is the sort of food not associated with formality, and one finds it on most occasions where partying is involved.


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