The new face of the Mdina Cathedral Museum

The Mdina Cathedral Museum has been given a new dimension and will no longer serve solely to exhibit valuable artifacts but will provide an opportunity for learning and a place where private artists can exhibit their art. The project was funded by the European Union and the Museum with a view to increasing the appreciation of Maltese history.

The operators of the Mdina Cathedral Museum are providing the public – particularly children – with an opportunity to learn about the valuable exhibits in the museum.

Museum curator Monsignor Edgar Vella said the museum would offer several facilities, with two projects already undertaken and another four to be held this year.

Bishop Edgar Vella said “the main purpose is to make the museum more accessible to people of all ages and conditions and for the museum to be a place of education. The learning centre is serving school children and other students as well as artists who want to exhibit their collection. ”

These series of projects referred to as Museum Access will enhance the visitors’ experience and are being carried out under the direction of consultant Tony Cassar. He explained that the museum is accessible to everyone, including those with any condition including autism.

Mr Michael Pace Ross from the Archdiocese Cultural Heritage Foundation said that these projects were carried out with an investment of € 25,000 largely from the European Union funds and the remainder from the Foundation.

Mr Pace Ross praised the concept of creating an environment where children feel comfortable learning while cultivating an appreciation of Maltese history . The projects are carried out under the scheme for voluntary organizations run by the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector.

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