The one-time popular Cafè Riche in this evening’s ‘X’sar minnhom?’

This evening’s ‘X’sar minnhom?’ will feature Cafè Riche – a luxurious one-time entertainment spot where in the old days people used to go dancing or watch a theatre play.

An interesting factor is that years ago, the entrance price at Cafe’ Riche was four ‘soldi’ (pence) during the week and seven soldi during the weekend. The price was only paid by men, women were allowed in free.

This evening’s program will also have Mosta actor Joe Bartolo as a guest. Mr Bartolo acted in various productions in theatre and television, including in ‘Il-Madonna taċ-Ċoqqa’, ‘It-Tfal Jiġu bil-Vapuri’, ‘Rajt Ma Rajtx’ and ‘Sisters’, among others.

Although currently he is not involved in acting due to family matters, Bartolo runs the ‘Għaqda Filantropika Razzett tal-Markiż’ in Mosta.

‘X’sar minnhom?’ is transmitted this evening at 10.05pm on TVM.