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The only kidney I have is functioning better than the two I had – kidney donor

Last year there was five living persons who donated kidneys. Official figures show that in 2018,  18 kidney transplants were performed in Malta.

10 cornea transplants were also performed last year, while there was no heart transplant. These are the three types of transplants carried out in Malta, while health authorities have various agreements with foreign hospitals on transplants of other organs.

The Director of Standards for Health Care, Patricia Galea, told Insights programme that since she took over responsibility of the National Registry of Organs, last year there were four persons who expressed the wish to donate a kidney to someone they do not know – known as samaritan donors.

15 years ago, the first Maltese who ever donated a kidney to someone he didn’t know was James Muscat, who today is President of the Transplant Support Group.  In Insights programme, James describes the gesture  he made with David (photo) as the best present in life by seeing someone being reborn.

James Muscat says he feels better than 15 years ago and the latest results of blood tests confirm this. James said that the results showed that his right kidney is doing its work better than when he had two kidneys.

You may watch the interview here or on TVMi.

TVMi Insights is transmitted on Sunday at 10.45pm on TVM.

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