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“The Opposition Leader replied to everything but the budget” – PM

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that in his reaction to the budget speech, Opposition Leader Adrian Delia had replied to everything except for the budget. In comments to reporters after the speech, the Prime Minister said that during the entire two hours the Leader of the opposition chose to be negative.

“He totally ignored the budget presented and worse still, parts of his speech had xenophobic elements in an attempt to give the impression that he was trying to fight for Malta and rid Malta of foreigners. That’s a populist speech which is easy to make but in reality all you are doing is sowing seeds of hatred for years to come.”

The Prime Minister said he regretted the fact that the Opposition Leader did not find time to comment on the biggest ever increase for pensioners in forty years – a seven Euro per week increase; or the fact that government had once again increased vacation leave for workers or even of the environmental measures taken by the government including banning plastic and reducing pollution by switching to electric cars.

Asked about the immigrant riots at the Open Centre at Hal Far, the Prime Minister said that the most important thing was that everyone must respect laws. He said that in such situations there are those who will try to sow hatred and to create an ‘us and them’ but said that today he would not change his position in favor of integration just because the feeling was not the same out there.

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