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“The outer layer has been removed from Strada Stretta” – George Cini

Author and researcher George Cini has stated that the outer layer has been removed from Strada Stretta.

Cini was a guest on TVAM when speaking about Valletta.

George Cini declared that care has to be taken of Valletta’s heritage, adding that the digital era has to become part of the capital city. This, however, is not to be done to the detriment of the capital’s history.

The man who researched Strada Stretta stated that if one looks at this street, one will notice it has been completely denuded, and no signs or notice boards remain from those days.

Whilst affirming the need for development of Valletta as well as restoration, Cini added that certain historic aspects should remain. During the interview, Cini also spoke about the restoration which has been carried out, and appealed for a ban on admission of fuel-powered vehicles into Valletta, as these are damaging the buildings. Cini also spoke about the residents, pointing out that only 5,700 residents remain in the capital city today.

See the full TVAM interview with George Cini on TVMi.  TVAM is broadcast at 7.00 a.m. Mondays to Fridays.

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