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The people are appalled by the behaviour of PN MEPs – Dr Muscat

Prime Minister and Labor Party leader Joseph Muscat said that the people were appalled by the conduct of Nationalists MEPS and the ensuing harm they had done to Malta.

Speaking at a political activity in Zabbar, Dr Muscat said that on the 25th May people should vote for candidates who hold Malta dear.

Dr Muscat referred to a visit to the medical school of Barts in Gozo, which was built despite the gloom and doom of the Opposition. He said that this medical school was built by Steward Healthcare with an investment so far of 26 million, of which the Government had not forked out a cent. The Prime Minister praised those Maltese who work to bring investment to Malta.

Dr Muscat said that the Opposition was in a state of panic having learned absolutely nothing and having had to resort to lies, even in this campaign. While appreciating the people’s support, the Prime Minister said that the biggest show of support and appreciation would be a vote for Labour Party candidates in the upcoming 25th May election.

During another political activity in Naxxar, the Prime Minister spoke about families and said that the Government recognised the realities of families today and that if two people love each other, they don’t need the Government’s permission because the government recognises that they are equals. Dr Muscat said he is proud that for the fourth consecutive year Malta was ranked first as the most gender equal and non-discriminate place in Europe.

Dr Muscat also spoke about the recent Constitutional Court decision rejecting the Opposition Leader’s request for a copy of the Egrant inquiry report and said that the comments made by Nationalist exponents in the aftermath of the decision were calculated to provoke him. Dr Muscat said he would not take the bait – life had taught him that bitterness and hatred get you nowhere.

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