The PN is making political choices that give value to the people – Bernard Grech

Opposition and Nationalist Party leader Bernard Grech said the Nationalist Party was making political choices that give value to the people. Dr Grech mentioned among others the proposals in the fields of environment and health, which he said form part of the Nationalist Party’s long-term plan for the country.

Interviewed as part of Independence Day activities, Dr Grech said he has a good relationship with his predecessor, even though he claimed they have not yet reached an agreement on which districts Dr Adrian Delia should contest in the next general election.

Opposition and Nationalist Party Leader Bernard Grech said that the choices being made by the Nationalist Party are intended to give value to the Maltese and Gozitan people.

Dr Grech said this when he was referring to the promises being made by the Nationalist Party, including the purchase of land in Hondoq, the provision of free medicine to cancer patients and the VAT exemption rises to € 60,000.

When interviewed by a ONE News journalist, as part of Independence Day activities, the Nationalist Leader explained that the proposal for building on ODZ land required a two-thirds vote of Parliament which was intended to prevent land speculation for large projects, and mentioned as an example that of the American University in Marsascala,

On the public opinion poll that came out on the newspaper Torċa, the Nationalist Leader said that was only a snap shot of a particular day.

Dr Grech claimed that the Nationalist Party had a long way to go to win the election. Regarding those who did not express a preference between one party and another, Dr Grech said that he was convinced that the Nationalist Party could convince them and gain their trust.

Asked if he considers forming a coalition with the ADPD, Dr Grech replied that he did not have to form a coalition with anyone.

He recalled however that the coalition that Dr Simon Busuttil had formed was the right thing to do, because, according to Dr Grech, a Labour Government had put the country on the FATF gray list.

The Nationalist Leader said he started being investigated about tax when he became Party Leader a year ago and explained that he paid his tax dues despite objections he had registered.

On his relationship with his predecessor, Dr Grech replied that they enjoyed a good relationship but had not yet agreed on the districts Dr Delia should contest in the next general election.

On the case opened by LovinMalta and Chris Peregin, who today forms part of the Nationalist Party, Dr Grech said that the case was not against political stations but against partisanship in the media.

He argued that the national station should not be dominated by the Labour Party, it should not only report Government propaganda and had an obligation to inform the public on what is happening in the country.