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The Public Service Commission for Civil Service engagements

The task of the Public Service Commission, a body created by the Constitution, is to ensure that the engagement of civil servants is efficient and based on merit. The Commission also takes care of disciplinary proceedings against the Government employees.

From the last annual report in 2018 the Commission recommended that the Prime Minister initiate criminal proceedings against 58 employees in the public service. The Commission recommended inter alia that two government employees be dismissed from employment and ordered the suspension of 20 other employees.

From the report it emerged that in 2018 there were 1224 calls for recruitment to various posts including managers in government departments, teachers in various subjects and medical professionals.

In total, 2347 persons applied for such calls and were interviewed. Of these, over 162 appealed the Commission’s decision. Of these, the Commission ruled in favour of 32 cases and against 126 other cases. 4 cases are still pending.

In 2018, the Commission set up 6 selection processes recommending the revocation of 11 appointments and the disqualification of 10 applicants.

The board of the Public Service Commission is composed of 5 members. The Commission Chairman is Louis P. Naudi. He has occupied this post since June 2013.

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