“The room felt like a boat on rough seas”- Maltese man who experienced earthquake in Melbourne

An earthquake which measured 5.8 on a Richter scale shook the southeast of Australia and caused damages to the buildings in the city of Melbourne.  The earthquake happened at 9.15am. Luckily no one was injured although as one Maltese emigrant told us, many were alarmed by what happened because earthquakes in Australia are very rare.

This was the moment that the earthquake hit Melbourne. At that time, a breakfast show was on the air and the presenters in the studio were clearly stunned and speechless.

CCTV cameras at a ski resort in Victoria also caught the moments on film.

Paul Vella, who emigrated to Melbourne with his wife 56 years ago, described the moment they felt the tremor.

“It was early morning and I was on my computer as usual and at around 9.15am…at one point the room felt like it was a boat on roach seas, rocking from one side to the other. I told my wife that this feels like an earthquake. All at once all the neighbours ran out terrified because we are not used to earthquakes…especially of this strength, so it was a great shock for us.”

While this was one of the largest earthquakes to hit Australia, it does not appear to have caused great damage. Paul confirmed that no one was injured in this earthquake, however in Melbourne there was extensive damage to this particular building.

The only place where there was a problem is Chapel Street which has some old buildings, but most of the bricks fell on to the pavement. Luckily no one was passing by and no one was injured.

The earthquake was followed by two tremors, one measuring 4 and the other 3.1 on the Richter scale. In the city of Melbourne there are 5 million people and right now the residents are in lockdown because of a spike in Coronavirus cases.