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‘The Social Ministry implemented 95% of the electoral programme, including measures that decreased unemployment by 90%’

The Solidarity and Social Justice, Family and Children’s Rights Ministry gave an account on the electoral pledges implemented during this legislature, which is nearing its end. Minister Michael Falzon said that 95% of the proposals for the sector have already been implemented and referred to the measure that led to the decrease by 90% of persons on unemployment benefits during the past eight years. He said that the remaining proposals include the widows’ pension.

It was pointed out during a press conference that 24 of the 34 proposals were implemented, while three quarter of another eight proposals are ready and expected to be implemented by the end of the year.

Minister Falzon mentioned pensions which increased by a six-fold during the past eight years and that the Government went beyond its pledge to increase the pension by eight euro a week, while it will continue to address pensioners in next year’s budget.

“You have measures that are linked with widows’ pension…basically that is the main issue that remains. One has to keep in mind that the circumstances of the past year and a half were difficult times, however we have moved forward in the social sector”.

Minister Falzon said that social measures increased workers in the labour market, with the number of women reaching record levels. He added that people on unemployment benefit decreased by 90% during the past eight years, from over 4,000 in 2013 to 451 in July this year.

The Minister remarked that the in-work benefit increased from around one million euro in 2015 to 4.5 million euro last year, despite the pandemic. He also referred to the children’s allowance, fostering benefit and grants to those who adopt children from abroad and in Malta.

Minister Falzon stated that this is the social commitment that the government believes in and will continue to invest in.