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The strength of the PN Party lies in its people – Dr. Adrian Delia

The leader of the Nationalist Party, Adrian Delia, said that if reforms are to work, the Party must be closer to the people. During a political activity in Zabbar, Dr Delia said that PN’s strength lay in the people whom, he said, give him the strength to keep going and fighting for them.

The PN leader accused the government of turning Malta into a country riddled with organized crime and corruption and said that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) had warned that Malta would be blacklisted if certain anti money laundering procedures and those relating to the financing of terrorism were ratified.

Opposition Leader, Adrian Delia, said that the Nationalist Party in government had made changes that translated into wealth for the Maltese and Gozitan people adding that the Labor government had turned the country into a state built on corruption and crime.

During a political activity in Zabbar, Dr Delia said that Nationalist governments had built hospitals in lieu of selling them. He said that the IMF report highlighted the government’s failure because it failed to enact anti-money laundering laws, and, as warned by the IMF experts, this was damaging Malta’s appeal as an investment hub and exposing the financial system to risks.

The PN Leader criticised Finance Minister Edward Scicluna about the Vitals contract and said that if this company was not granted two hundred million euros for nothing, Minister Scicluna would be in a position to issue cheques worth five hundred euro and not fifteen Euro cheques.

Dr. Delia recalled how the former Minister Konrad Mizzi, whom he described as Malta’s dirtiest minister Malta ever had was going to pocket fifteen euros per minute had his advisory contract given to him before the appointment of Robert Abela as Prime Minister, not been removed.

The Leader of the Nationalist Party also criticized the appointment of former Police Commissioner Lawrence Cutajar as a security consultant, in view of the fact that the Police Corps had crumbled under his watch.

Dr. Delia said that the PN executive would give the final push for the realisation of the reforms that are necessary within the PN. He said that more people were contributing for this change to modernize and renew the party and bring it up to date, so that on the occasion of its 140 year anniversary, the Nationalist Party would be relevant to today’s times.


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