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The suffering of war and poverty expressed in new book of poetry

Professor Carmel Borg, who is well-known in the field of education, for the first time has published a book of poetry inspired by politics.  Prof Borg, who takes social justice to heart  told TVM that he hopes that with this collection of poetry he can communicate with a wider spectrum of people.

Prof Borg, who is the former Dean of the Faculty of Education and who to date still  lectures at the University of Malta, has just fulfilled one of his greatest dreams, the publication of a book entitled, Poleżija-Versi Politiċi, a collection of poems which are political in nature, with various reflections on the realities of today’s world. This book has a very unique look, as it was made by hand, and even the way the poetry has been printed is very original.

Prof Carmel Borg said  “this was an opportunity for me to leave academia and immerse myself in the free expression of poetry which I have been writing for the last three years.”

His poetry collection delves into various themes which we see in the daily news, and the short verses make you stop and think about social injustice such as poverty, about people who suffer under the yoke of war in Syria,  those who have been exploited because of their vulnerability, people who suffer because of natural disasters and other themes which we live every day because we follow them every day on the news, or read about them.

Prof Carmel Borg said, “these are poems which do not speak about flowers or the blue skies but about current events happening all around us. In all, there are 170 poems, revolving around my own personal agenda, social justice.”

He pointed out that after 30 years working in the field of education, he felt he need to follow his dream, in the hope that his poems can touch people’s hearts and make them stop and think.

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