The titular statue of St. Lawrence in Gozo has been restored

Restoration work has been completed on the titular statue of St. Lawrence, revered in the parish of the Gozitan village named after the saint. The papier-mâché statue underwent its first restoration process in its 125-year history, a process which took five months.

The saint looks up at the sky awaiting his harsh martyrdom roasted to death on a gridiron. The saint eagerly accepted his destiny. St. Lawrence gave his name to the small village in the west of Gozo. Built on a plain and surrounded by three hills: Ta’Għammar, Ta’ Gelmus and Ta ‘Dbieġi. The parish of San Lawrenz was founded as a parish on 15 March 1893. Two years later in 1895 the titular statue made in Marseilles by Galliard et filles, made its first appearance. It was worked in papier maché and to this day had never been touched by way of restoration. For the last five months the statue was in Malta. Restorer Pierre Bugeja said that although it was made of papier-mâché 125 years ago, the interventions on it were not significant.

After the apostles St. Peter and St. Paul, St. Lawrence the most famous Roman martyr of Rome. St. Lawrence, a Spaniard, was martyred in Rome in the year 258 in the time of the emperor Valerian for selling the treasures of the church to help the poor. The Parish Priest of St. Lawrence Church said that although the celebrations of the feast will not take place due to the current pandemic, the community should continue to celebrate and live the faith that St. Lawrence lived and died for.

This statue of St. Lawrence should continue to remind us of the holy life, the virtues that this saint lived and in the coming years one hopes that this masterpiece will continue to decorate this church and help the community to live their lives based on the Christian mission of which this saint was an example.

The titular statue will return to the Lawrence community on Saturday evening where St. Lawrence will be welcomed in the square in front of the parish church and mass will be held in open air.

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