“The volume of water in such a short time affected the whole country and blocked several roads”

Civil Protection Director Emanuel Psaila stressed that the volume of water in such a short time this morning affected the whole country, particularly roads built in valleys like those in Msida and Burmarrad.

In a link-up during the 11.00 .m. news on TVMNews+, Mr Psaila stated that many roads are closed to traffic as a result of damage to vehicles and traffic accidents.

The Director added that the Department’s services are in great demand by persons trapped inside their vehicles, so much so that they have doubled the number of workers in order to cope with the demand. Reports indicate this is one of the worst storms for some time.

“My appeal is for no one to place themselves in unnecessary danger, and also to avoid coastal areas and places through which a high volume of water passes, such as valleys,” Mr Psaila added, whilst reiterating that their efforts are focused on rescue work.

Mr Psaila added that when a high volume of water comes down in a short period, all the country is affected and this makes the situation more difficult for people, for drivers and also for the department’s personnel.

The Director explained that the Civil Protection Department’s resources are presently focused on rescue operations, and appealed to the public to call on the number 112 in cases of the greatest emergency.

Whilst stressing there is no need for panic, Mr Psaila explained that other operations, including assistance to control flooding, will continue. He reiterated, however, that the Department’s priority will always be cases where human life will be in danger.