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Theatre production against discrimination – an 86-year old woman among actors

A number of elderly persons are participating in a research which is studying how art may overcome different social challenges. Through the theatre production ‘F’Ħakka t’Għajn’, produced by established actors with elderly persons, the study forms part of a greater research with the participation of various European countries, including the U.K., Portugal and Italy.

The production involves elderly persons, over 65 years of age, who attend the Active Ageing Centre in Siggiewi. It evolved during an exercise with theatre professionals through recreational activities and the use of ice-breakers, team building, improvisation and imaginary events, together with discussions.

Dr Isabelle Gatt, lecturer and researcher in theatre studies at the University’s Arts and Adult Education department, said that the script by Simon Bartolo was inspired by ideas and stories that the elderly women themselves recounted.

Members of the cast, including 86-year old Carmena, said that the production assisted them to overcome the Covid difficult times and was instrumental to them to build friendships.

Musician Joe Roscoe and young professional actor Sean Briffa joined the senior actors under the direction of Josette Ciappara.

The study’s results are also expected to show that professional artists and persons aged over 65 may work together and contain the discriminatory steriotypes on the basis of age.