Theatre production recalls the barber whose blood was shed

At Villa Schinas in Sliema, a group of Sliema youngsters are preparing for the play “Demm il- Parrucchier” (the Barber’s blood), a theatrical production that will pay tribute to the memory of Manuel Attard, one of the victims of the 7 June riots that occurred a hundred years ago.

The play’s author, Tony Terribile, said that Manuel Aattard was a hairdresser in Sliema and was one of four Maltese victims who died in the bread riots.

‘He was shot at Strada Forni, in front of Cassar Torregiani – the Cassar Torregiani family was involved in the riots. They were wheat importers and some of the people blamed the British, others blamed the wheat importers; still the people were angry and did what they did. and it was exactly there that Manuel Attard was killed. ”

Kyle Portelli, who will play the part of Manuel, said that the production shed light on Maltese patriotism.

“Maybe it is true that Emmanuel Attard did not go there to be killed because surely that was not his intention, but we have it written in black and white that he wanted to go to that protest.”

In this production, besides the participation of young people there will also be established actors – including Sandro Vella, who will play the part of Mr. John – representing the Maltese who sympathised with the British.

“He goes round Malta but goes to all places related to the British, for instance the Upper Barrakka, the Milorda garden which is a garden named after British actress Julia Lockwood”.

Director of Production, Joshua Grogan Dalli, said the production, which will be held at the Salesian Theatre next month will give an account of the life of the Maltese people hundred years ago.

“One scene depicts women talking from two balconies. In addition to talking to each other they are eavesdropping what is going on in the street.”

The sette Guigno incident will continue to be remembered during the exhibition, Culhat al Belt’ put up by Heritage Malta at the Museum of Archeology. The exhibition will feature historical documents and souvenirs of those events. In the last three months the exhibition was held at the Parliament building.

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