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Theatrical production of W’Oz by Junior College students

W’Oz is this weekend’s annual theatrical production by the Junior College at Imsida. The production is interspersed with songs, acting and dancing.

The soirée W’Oz! is based on the book about the story of Dorothy and her charming friends during their trip from Kansas to Oz. The adaptation is a variation on the film, with a number of melodious songs from popular musicals, including ‘Wicked’ from the film The Wizard of Oz.

“Many of the songs are from the film, and there are also many other popular  melodies, to encourage the audience to sing along with us,” Student Kaylie Magri explained.

Student Kimberly Agius coordinated the choreography for the production, and explained that the main challenge was to put together a dancde routine which complements the music, irrespective of the cast’s various competence.

“There are several different types. We do contemporary, also pop, hip hop commercial; obviously, not everyone has profesional training, so I tried for simple but effective movements,” Kimberly explained. She also faced similar challenges to coordinate the music, although the 50-strong cast for the soirée was chosen after a number of rehearsals.

“Many persons with an interest in the theatre would be interested in the three disciplines, but with a bit of help from original records and vocal warm-ups, we pointed them in the right direction,” Sian Jones added.

The production at the Junior College is scheduled for this weekend – Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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