There are 14,000 persons with epilepsy condition in Malta

‘Popolin’ programme has investigated the epilepsy condition, which develops suddenly and may affect everyone. It is mostly common among children, youths and even elderly persons. Persons with the condition suffer from various seizures during the mornings and sometimes even at night. In the majority of cases, a seizure does not last more than three minutes.

Prof. Janet Mifsud, a Caritas Malta Epilepsy Association consultant, said that every person experiences more than one seizure in his lifetime. In fact, she said, epilepsy exists under various forms however it is not frightening. Unfortunately, there is a lack of awareness on the subject, which is leading various persons with the condition to being unaware they have the condition.

Frank Portelli, president of Caritas Malta Epilepsy Association stated that, many times, those who have the condition have accepted this fact, however society makes their life harder because they are ignored and stymatised. Prof. Mifsud stressed that there is no relation between the mental health of the individual and this condition.

“We need to work as a society to increase awareness on this condition in order to eliminate the stygma towards epilepsy, which is producing difficulties in daily life, including finding jobs, to the persons with the condition”.