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UPDATED: “There is optimism on both sides” – Minister Caruana on meetings with MUT

This morning the Government continued holding meetings with the teachers’ union MUT, as for the second day running teachers at state schools continued with their strike. They are claiming that they are being discriminated against because they are not being allowed to provide lessons online like teachers in church and private schools are doing.

In a comment to TVM before entering the meeting, Education Minister Justyne Caruana, said yesterday that the meetings were cordial.

“We had a very cordial meeting, there is optimism on both sides and I am convinced that if good sense prevails we can come to an agreement, and hopefully we can move forward with our discussions for the benefit of the students.”

TVM asked whether there is the intention for schools to open on Monday. “On our part, unless we have advice to the contrary, schools will remain open according to the health authorities’ guidelines and we will review our position accordingly as the need arises,” the Minister replied.

Minister Caruana said that yesterday at Castille, additional mitigation measures were discussed for schools and it appears that there is a willingness by the teachers’ union to adhere to them.

On its part, the Malta Union of Teachers, MUT, said in a statement before the talks started that a request had been made to the Government to carry out an analysis and for a presentation to be made by the health authorities and by Dr Vincent Marmarà as an expert, to give an objective analysis of the pandemic situation.

At the end of today’s meeting, MUT President Marco Bonnici stated that the union will be discussing what has been proposed, whilst confirming there is a basis for agreement. Mr Bonnici also confirmed there will be a common position between Church, State and independent schools.

Meanwhile. Reverend Dr Charles Mallia, who inn representation of Church Schools, told TVM that the situation is still in progress.

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