These are the quarantine rules which unvaccinated people who arrive in Malta have to follow

The Supt of Public Health has published standards for obligatory quarantine for those people who arrive in Malta without a vaccine certificate.

This is according to the Legal Notice 301 (2021), “Order 2021 to amend the Order of the Travel Ban (Extension to all countries)  (Amendment number 4)”:

People without a vaccine certificate recognised by the Supt of Public Health who enter our country from the list of countries listed in this same Legal Notice, need to be in a possession of a negative PCR test which is no older than 72 hours before their arrival in Malta.

This test needs to be presented in order for the person to be allowed to board the plane to Malta. On their arrival, those without a recognised vaccine certificate need to spend a mandatory period in quarantine.

The standards stipulate that a 14 day quarantine has to be spent in a hotel recognised by the Supt of Public Health.

Children between 12 – 15 (both ages included) who have a fixed residence in Malta and are not in possession  of a vaccine certificate can quarantine at their residence.

Those over 16 who are resident in Malta can ask for authorisation from the Supt of Public Health to quarantine at an alternative residence.

Every case will be decided on an individual basis. In cases where other people reside in the same residence they will also have to quarantine for the same period.

Children between 5 – 11 only need to present a negative PCR test when they are accompanied by adults who have a recognised vaccine certificate.

Children under 5 can enter Malta without the need of a PCR. test.

People who are asked to quarantine at an authorised hotel will have to pay €100 for every night per room, which includes breakfast at the room itself.

Additional expenses have to be paid by the person who is in quarantine.

The complete list of standards can be found here: