“They are telling us not to go out except for essential errands” – Maltese woman who lives in Sicily

A Maltese woman who lives in Sicily has described to this newsroom how Sicilians are living in uncertainty because of the harsh weather which has hit the area.

Odette Cannataci spoke about how the authorities are warning people not to leave their homes to avoid the dangers posed by the flooding which has already cost the lives of three people over the last few days.

The situation in Sicily and Calabria is not expected to improve because more bad weather is being forecast over the next few hours.

Sicily is on high alert because of strong winds and bad weather which has hit the eastern part of the island, and Calabria in the southern part of Italy.

The apocalyptic weather over the last few days has shocked Sicilians, and life has stopped abruptly with schools having to close. Odette Cannataci went on to say:

“There is a lot of tension right now. People are afraid because they do not know what will happen from one minute to the next, so practically this is like a cyclone and we are in the middle of it, and on Thursday we are expecting the tail end of it.”

Odette confirmed that three people have died. She said that there is heavy rainfall and when the rain stops, the strong winds start.

“They are asking us to stay home and only go out for essential errands such as the chemist or hospital, and not to use our cars.”

She said that the worst scene so far during this disaster was the video of a man who was in his car and when he saw he could not do anything, he got out of his car and went underneath it, he got trapped and died there.  “Because not everyone is brave enough to do something…that scene was shocking.”

Odette told TVM that they have never seen anything like this in Sicily and that the worst part of the storm will hit them on Thursday.