‘They can’t call us negative, the Opposition is being proactive’ – PN Leader Bernard Grech

During a news conference shortly after his reply to the budget, Opposition and Nationalist Party Leader Bernard Grech said that the Government could not call the Opposition negative because the Nationalist parliamentary group was coming up with new ideas to make up for the country’s shortcomings.

The Leader of the Opposition mentioned how the action team that was set up shortly after being appointed Nationalist Leader, had already listed seven proposals to curb the spread of the pandemic.

Dr Grech also spoke about his economic vision which, he said, looked not only to the present but also to the future. He said that this was based, inter alia, on the environment, quality of life, youths, human talent, decent wages, a new social pact, a plan for Gozo and women.

Asked by Television Malta what other measures it would have included in the budget to show more social awareness, Dr Grech mentioned the fight against poverty and social housing.

The news conference outlined the 100 proposals made by the Opposition in the pre-Budget document with recommendations aimed at addressing different areas including the environment, the economy, health and education. .