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“They took everything…I have nothing left” – resident who lived in collapsed apartment block

A woman who used to live in one of the apartments which collapsed in Guardamangia managed to survive what could have been a tragedy and also saved the lives of the other residents who live in the same block.

Her father, Lawrence Gauci, wrote on social media at around 2am that his daughter and her husband realised that dust was falling from the walls so they got out of their apartment to wake up their neighbours and ended up on the streets in their pyjamas.

As soon as they emerged from the apartment block, the residents saw their apartments collapsing into a heap of stones. From the footage and photos taken at the scene, cracks can clearly be seen in the walls of the flats.

Mr Gauci wrote that although it was a miracle that his daughter and her husband are still alive,  they have, however, ended up with just the clothes on their backs. He said that they are currently living with him but his daughter is desperate over what happened and told him, “they took everything…I have nothing left.”

Meanwhile, the videos show the commotion of the residents and the anger of the neighbours as they saw the apartment block collapse and the first medical assistance started arriving.

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