Thief who passed on information to police about theft of diamonds granted bail pending pre-sentencing report

A man who was brought to court a week ago, accused of stealing € 10,000 in diamonds from company facilities at the beginning of June, whose name cannot be mentioned by court order, has been granted bail subject to a number of conditions pending a pre-sentencing report.

Inspector Paul Camilleri testified before Magistrate Nadine Lia to the effect that Mr Carmel Azzopardi confirmed to the police that he passed on the stolen jewelery to a certain Joseph who owns a shop in Qormi. He said that if it were not for Mr Azzopardi, the police would not have been led to Joseph Tabone who was arraigned in court yesterday. The inspector confirmed that the jewellery has been recovered. After hearing the testimony, the Magistrate ordered a pre-sentencing report to be drawn up. It was here that the defense asked for bail, which the prosecution did not object to. He was released on a number of conditions.

In recent weeks, the defense explained that the crimes were committed because the man has a cocaine drug habit and is in debt.

It emerged from the testimony in court that the accused had already undergone a drug rehabilitation program more than 4 years ago. He promised the Police that he was willing to tell the Police to whom he sold the diamonds.